Join our celebration on November 18, 2014

GIS Day@UCSB Geography

November 18, 2014     12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Center for Spatial Studies (Phelps 3512)

GIS day is the third Wednesday of November in each year, during the Geography Awareness Week. As a global event, GIS day provides a great opportunity for GIS users and researchers to exchange ideas and present works to a wide audience. To celebrate this special day for spatial studies, we will hold a lightning talk on Nov. 18th (Tuesday) at the UCSB Center for Spatial Studies. We sincerely invite you to join us and present your work. Any topics related to GIS are very welcome, and we are looking forward to a diverse group of presenters with faculty, students, visiting scholars, postdocs and staff to share your great works. Free pizzas and drinks will be provided during the event.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

- Spatial modeling and statistics
- Geospatial semantics and information retrieval
- Spatial optimization and transportation
- Spatiotemporal analysis and social media
- Cartographic methods
- Cognitive studies in GIS
- Urban planning and land cover changes
- Human environment studies using GIS
- GIS applications in climate change
- GIS in public health
- 3S technologies: GIS, GPS and Remote sensing
- GIS applications in marine science
- ...

Lightning talks

Each speaker will have 3 minutes to talk about anything related to GIS. Question-and-answer session will be provided later. The main goal of this event is to bring researchers together to exchange ideas and find potential collaborations.

Registered talks:

1. Like Totally SoCal: A High-resolution Assessment of Vague Cognitive Regions
- Dr. Dan Montello, Dept. of Geography, UCSB    slides

2. Getting Out Or Into The GIS Silo?
- Dr. Krzysztof Janowicz, Dept. of Geography, UCSB    slides

3. Improving Place Name Disambiguation Using Entities from DBpedia
- Yingjie Hu, Dept. of Geography, UCSB    slides

4. An Agent-based Model for Urban Growth Simulation
- Dr. Feixue Li, Department of Geographic Information Science, Nanjing University    slides

5. Landscape Strategies for Urban Growth
- Meliz Akyol, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Istanbul Technical University    slides

6. Geovisualization of Air-Sea Co2 Flux Using Volume Rendering
- Dr. Feng Zhang, Institute of Geographic Information Science & Provincial Key Lab of GIS, Zhejiang University    slides

7. Putting Emotions in Their Place
- Dr. Andrea Ballatore, Center for Spatial Studies, UCSB    slides

8. Dynamic Map Generalization for Personalized On-line Mapping
- Dr. Jie Shen, Dept. of Geography, Nanjing Normal University    slides

9. Integrated Spatial Optimization Model for Renewable Energy Planning
- Stefano Grassi, Dept. of Geography, ETH Z├╝rich    slides

10. Managing Real Estate Information Using Dynamic Table
- Dr. Wenyou Fan, Dept. of Information and Engineering, China University of Geosciences    slides

11. Studing Animal Behavior from Space
- Lacey Hughey, Dept. of EEMB, UCSB    slides

12. A Geo-Targeted Search Tool for Analyzing Twitter Messages
- Su Han, Dept. of Geography, UCSB & SDSU    slides

13. What Geographic Factors Affect the Spatial Distributution of Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa
- Song Gao, Dept. of Geography, UCSB    slides