DEKDIV: Data Enrichment, Knowledge Discovery and Interactive Visualization Tool

Welcome to DEKDIV, a Linked-Data-driven Web portal for learning analytics. The purpose of this portal is to allow users to browse Linked datasets, search for researchers, interact with dynamic visualizations, and perform in-depth analysis.

A number of modules have been designed for this Web portal, and each module is accompanied with a help document (which can also be accessed by clicking at the button at the upper right corner of each module). The functionalities of this Web portal can be divided into two groups. The first set of functionalities were developed to provide dynamical visualization and animation of the LAK/EDM linked datasets, modules such as "Conference Participants" and "Reference Map" are examples of this. The second set were designed for advanced analysis and knowledge discovery, such as "Scholar Similarity" and "Reviewer Recommendation" modules.

DEKDIV is highly modulare, having been designed from the ground-up, and therefore can be easily migrated and reused in other projects.

DEKDIV was concieved, developed and produced by the STKO lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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